MyNetDiary App Review: A Complete Diet Plan Management System

Posted by: | Posted on: November 4, 2014

Anyone who is familiar with the website will find the iPad app by the same name to be an excellent companion to their weight loss program. As a standalone weight management app, MyNetDiary is intuitive, easy to navigate, and has many features to keep dieters on track.

Starting Out with MyNetDiary

Any successful weight loss plan begins by setting goals. The MyNetDiary weight management application starts with the user entering their current weight along with their ultimate weight goal. Once entered, MyNetDiary calculates how many calories can be consumed in one day.

Each of the different features of the MyNetDiary app are organized within the individual days, saving the user from navigating back and forth from the features to the current day.

The MyNetDiary Food Diary

MyNetDiary App

To track how many calories have been consumed, the MyNetDiary app allows users to enter everything they eat for all three meals, as well as snacks. The Food Catalog housed within the application is easy to search, whether by the brand name of the product, the restaurant, or the generic name of the food (i.e., bread, banana, pizza).

Once entered, the display immediately shows the nutrition information for four of the major areas with which dieters should be concerned: fat, calories, protein, and carbohydrates. The remaining balance of calories allowed for the day is displayed.

While the Food Catalog is extensive, with hundreds of commonly consumed foods and diet plans listed, there is also an option for the user to enter their own custom food items. This feature is handy for people who cook from scratch without a lot of processed food in their diet.

Tracking Exercise for Weight Loss

Regardless of what diet plan someone follows, exercise is a key component to losing weight. Part of what makes MyNetDiary a comprehensive weight loss app is the complete list of exercises available to track. For example, instead of just tracking a generic exercise like “walking,” a user can choose between more specific exercises such as “walking down stairs with objects 100 pounds or more.” Some may see this as overly specific, however, for those seeking long-term weight management, the specificity is what makes this app worth the $9.99 price tag from the iTunes store.

Custom activities can also be entered, but it can be challenging to be accurate when entering custom exercises unless the specific amount of calories burned is already known. The exercise area of MyNetDiary also displays helpful tips and tricks. And, because the regular daily activity level is chosen during setup, the user isn’t required to enter every little movement to see the overall result.

Additional Weight Management Monitoring

On the “Details” tab of the MyNetDiary app, those who are trying to lose or maintain weight can monitor and track other goals crucial to success. For example, one area monitors water consumption, while another tracks vitamin supplements.

This section is also where the user will track their overall Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight, as well as custom fields like measurements of the hips, thighs, and waist. Blood pressure, resting heart rate, basic metabolic rate, and other fields can also be measured and recorded in this section of the app.

Other Features and Benefits of MyNetDiary

For those who are visual in nature, this app offers a chart section that shows weight loss results, nutrient intake, and the results of the custom tracking areas in an easy-to-read bar graph form. While these charts are just a graphic representation of the data, they do provide an “at-a-glance” version that is convenient.

In addition to using the app on the iPad and other mobile devices, users can also register their account on the MyNetDiary website to use additional features, such as referring other members and the online community of users.

Overall, the MyNetDiary app for the iPad is an excellent way to monitor and track calories, exercise, and overall weight loss progress. Unlike many other comprehensive health tracking apps, this app is a little costly. However, many users find that the one-time fee is little in comparison to the ongoing monthly fees of some dieting programs, and provides even more in-depth information. With a 4.5/5 star rating among users, MyNetDiary is clearly one of the best weight loss apps on the market today.

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