From 210 lb to 160lb: On My Way to Becoming a Cheerleader

Posted by: | Posted on: September 30, 2015

This is Kathy’s story. I met Kathy in the new gym that opened in our neighborhood.

I wasn’t always; it all began when we moved from the countryside to the city. In the city I discovered I had a sweet tooth for fries and hamburger. I was just 12 at the time and weighed about 66 pounds. From then on, hamburger and fries became by favorite dish and I couldn’t get enough of them. By the time I was through with high school I was over 210 pounds with 28% body fat.

Actually, I was never uncomfortable with my weight until I was placed in the same room with a cheerleader in college. You can imagine the contrast in the room. From clothes, shoes just about everything .To make matters worse though, we had a friendly relationship, and so she would take every opportunity to remind me how fat I was.

One evening she was in her routine when I blurted out that I would lose my weight and fit in her cheerleading costumes and so we made a bet, and that’s how my weight loss journey began.

Next day I went shopping for track suits and running shoes and started hitting the track. However, I easily got tired, plus stares from others kept me away. I had to find another way to lose my weight away from the glare of unforgiving campus students.

As many people would do, I too Google for answers, and so I stumbled on Nutrisystem. After checking out the food I thought I could handle that, compared to hostile glares at the track and the gym. However, far from what I had thought, the food was really nice, though I didn’t like their black beans and rice as well as the chilli with beans.

I found out that I could still enjoy my favorite hamburger. All I needed was control not to overdo it as I was used to. Though I was a bit critical and sometimes sneaked in some fries, my spirits really shot up when I found out I had lost 9 pounds in two weeks. From hence I began paying more attention to the system. It’s been seven months now and I have already lost 50 pounds and counting.

Nutrisystem has given me confidence to try things I never thought of before, like going for rock climbing, hiking, and swimming in the campus swimming pool. Though I still use Nutrisystem, I also started running again as I am more confident now and also work out in the gym. Though I have not reached my goal to fit in my room mate’s cheerleading costume, I am heading there.

One story I can relate to is that of Julie. She lost 100 lb on Nutrisystem over the course of 11 months!