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Posted by: | Posted on: September 30, 2015

From 210 lb to 160lb: On My Way to Becoming a Cheerleader

This is Kathy’s story. I met Kathy in the new gym that opened in our neighborhood.

I wasn’t always; it all began when we moved from the countryside to the city. In the city I discovered I had a sweet tooth for fries and hamburger. I was just 12 at the time and weighed about 66 pounds. From then on, hamburger and fries became by favorite dish and I couldn’t get enough of them. By the time I was through with high school I was over 210 pounds with 28% body fat. Read More …

Posted by: | Posted on: November 4, 2014

MyNetDiary App Review: A Complete Diet Plan Management System

Anyone who is familiar with the website will find the iPad app by the same name to be an excellent companion to their weight loss program. As a standalone weight management app, MyNetDiary is intuitive, easy to navigate, and has many features to keep dieters on track.

Starting Out with MyNetDiary

Any successful weight loss plan begins by setting goals. The MyNetDiary weight management application starts with the user entering their current weight along with their ultimate weight goal. Once entered, MyNetDiary calculates how many calories can be consumed in one day.

Each of the different features of the MyNetDiary app are organized within the individual days, saving the user from navigating back and forth from the features to the current day.

The MyNetDiary Food Diary

MyNetDiary App Read More …