Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code – Top Reasons to Join

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If you haven’t heard of Weight Watchers, you must be living in a cave. The global weight loss conglomerate is having 48,000 people gathered together in Weight Watchers Meetings in 30 countries. Why so many join this 40-year old weight loss program? There are many reasons but let me pinpoint two.

1. The Power of a Team

Studies have shown that being a member of a team whose members have the same goals as you, helps you achieve your goals more effectively and faster than if you were alone. Weight Watchers Meetings do exactly that. The knowledge, the enthusiasm, the motivation, the mentorship are all there for you to capitalize on.

2. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code

Weight Watchers is affordable. As if this was not enough, the company offers special promotion codes to make the weekly meetings even more affordable.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code

Right now, and for the next 3 weeks, you can save 30% on Weight Watchers Meetings. The Monthly Pass is discounted by 30%. While you don’t need a Weight Watchers monthly pass promotion code to get this deal, you need a special link in order to access that offer. If you go directly to the official Weight Watchers site, you can’t find this offer. You will find other offers, but not this great deal. To get this promotion read this post.

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Bistro MD Coupon Code and Comparison with Jenny Craig

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Bistro MD has become the most popular meal delivery plan for a good reason. It not only delivers tasty and fresh food to your door, it costs much less than its competitors. Further more, the company issues coupons that save 20% or more. Here are the current coupon codes for Bistro MD

Bistro MD Coupon Code

Save $50

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With the above Bistro MD coupon code you enjoy $50 off! This is so generous of BistroMD to provide such a wonderful service at such a low cost.

Jenny Craig vs Bistro MD

When dieters think of professionally designed meals for weight loss, there are two companies that always comes up, these are Jenny Craig (see their official site) Weight Loss Program and BistroMD. Both companies, though quite similar in approach, have various aspects that are different. Read More …