Bistro MD Coupon Code and Comparison with Jenny Craig

Bistro MD has become the most popular meal delivery plan for a good reason. It not only delivers tasty and fresh food to your door, it costs much less than its competitors. Further more, the company issues coupons that save 20% or more. Here are the current coupon codes for Bistro MD

Bistro MD Coupon Code

Save $50

With this Bistro MD coupon code you enjoy $50 off! This is so generous of BistroMD to provide such a wonderful service at such a low cost.

Jenny Craig vs Bistro MD

When dieters think of professionally designed meals for weight loss, there are two companies that always comes up, these are Jenny Craig (see their official site) Weight Loss Program and BistroMD. Both companies, though quite similar in approach, have various aspects that are different.

The Similarities

• Both Jenny Craig and Bistro MD specializes in weight loss programs and preparing or recommending meals and dishes that are specifically designed for weight loss.
• Both companies offer meals preparation and delivery services.
• Both offer customized weight loss and diet programs.
• Cost per program is less than USD 200 per weeek inclusive of personalized weight loss plan, meals, and delivery services.
• Both programs recommend portttion control and snacks in between meals. Both progra follow a 1200 to 2300 daily calorie intake.
• Meals can be ordered and paid online.
• Meals featured in both programs satiate hunger.

The Differences

  • Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program focuses more on weight loss and fitness whereas BistroMD focuses more on weight loss and metabolism control.
  • On cost, Jenny Craig (JC)requires a start up membership fee of USD 20 or a lifetime membership fee of USD 350 while BistroMD (BMD) does requires no membership fees at all.
  • On food choices, JC features popular foods that are considered comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, burgers, and cupcakes. Foods that are considered more palatable and satisfies cravings. BMD features dishes that are chef prepared, restaurant style, and sophisticated.
  • JC conducted a study to help measure effectiveness of the program and yielded results that dieters under their weight loss were able to loss at least 2 pounds per week. BMD however did not conduct any study to prove their claims.
  • JC claims that dieters can loss an average of 2 pounds per week when on the program, BMD claims that the program allows dieters to lose 3 to 4 pounds a week.
  • JC meals can be ordered either online or by calling up the nearest Jenny Craig branch. BMD meals can only be ordered online.
  • BMD provides always generous Bistro coupon codes while JC rarely does so.

A Cut Above the Rest

Bistro MD promotion code

Weight loss training is not a one size fits all program. There are numerous factors that each dieter often looks into before going into intensive weight loss training program, and his and her choice is somewhat what makes that program unique. Customization is a crucial factor that allow dieters to adjust and comfortably adapt to a diet and lifestyle change that a weight loss program has in stall.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program with its technique of including well loved foods somewhat makes it easier for dieters to adapt to a weight loss diet plan. It encourages dieters to eat what they love in moderate portions.

BitsroMD with its restaurant style prepared dishes makes it enticing for dieters to eat healthy portions of good food. Their meals are low in sodium and high in protein.

If you decided that BMD is for you then great! If JC is the right program for you then this is fabulous, too! Regardless, don’t forget to use the Bistro MD discount code for awesome savings.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code – Top Reasons to Join

If you haven’t heard of Weight Watchers, you must be living in a cave. The global weight loss conglomerate is having 48,000 people gathered together in Weight Watchers Meetings in 30 countries. Why so many join this 40-year old weight loss program? There are many reasons but let me pinpoint two.

1. The Power of a Team

Studies have shown that being a member of a team whose members have the same goals as you, helps you achieve your goals more effectively and faster than if you were alone. Weight Watchers Meetings do exactly that. The knowledge, the enthusiasm, the motivation, the mentorship are all there for you to capitalize on.

2. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code

Weight Watchers is affordable. As if this was not enough, the company offers special promotion codes to make the weekly meetings even more affordable.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code

Right now, and for the next 3 weeks, you can save 30% on Weight Watchers Meetings. The Monthly Pass is discounted by 30%. While you don’t need a Weight Watchers monthly pass promotion code to get this deal, you need a special link in order to access that offer. If you go directly to the official Weight Watchers site, you can’t find this offer. You will find other offers, but not this great deal. To get this promotion read this post.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Promotion Code

Top Reasons To Join Weight Today

You are not alone in your efforts to drop pounds. A lot of people lack guidance, willpower and motivation for staying true to their weight loss and fitness plans. Luckily, these are things that are readily offered by and the many resources that are found here.

Many people are aware of the fact that they can go to centers near their home for regular meetings. People can meet with others once per week an get weighed. These are confidential weigh-ins, but they help to ensure that people feel accountable and stay on track.

“I don’t have time for meetings”

While these meetings certainly help to keep dieters accountable, most individuals simply do not have time to attend regularly. Additionally, in spite of the fact that weigh-in results are kept confidential, these do not appeal to all people. Most would like to use these resources outside of local meetings.

Weight Watchers Online

These people have the option of using web-based resources only, for their lifestyle management and weight loss efforts. There is still plenty of opportunity to connect with others because the online community is filled with people who share similar values and goals in terms of personal health and fitness. There is no need to leave home to get what you need. You can still get the same measure of support and sense of community online.

This is a common sense-based program. People will have the chance to make small and manageable changes in their lives that provide small but consistent benefits. It is much easier and a lot better than trying to use a deprivation diet to create radical change. Unlike stress-based diets, this won’t make you feel hopeless or overwhelmed.

This is a plan that is quite easy to manage but it is also able to help people gain results that last. Dieters who are tired of dropping pounds and gaining them right back love this system. They can improve their fitness and health and make continual progress instead of losing their improvements. This is a great way to start rebuilding a sluggish metabolism and to get your body back to healthy so that you can burn calories and fat more efficiently.

Given the vast number of resources that exist, it is possible for everyone to begin improving their health and fitness levels. The Weight Watchers promotion codes for Monthly Pass make it even simpler. These resources are very affordable and they are certain to provide amazing returns. Signing up may well be your greatest step towards a healthier life and the physique that you have always wanted.